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About Us
In order to ensure product quality, we have made investments in the best production equipment. We have also established our own Machining Workshop, General Assembly Workshop, and Die-casting Workshop, where we have 10 flexible production lines, primarily composed of processing centers and other CNC machine tools, 10 air cooled engine production lines, and 5 portable generator production lines. With our advanced manufacturing facilities, we now have an annual production of one million units of equipment.

We manufacture products that fall into 5 different categories, including air cooled engine, portable generator, water pump, outboard motor, and power sprayer, which have 90 subcategories in total. For instance, our air cooled engine is sub-categorized as gasoline engine and diesel engine, and accordingly, our portable generator comes in gasoline generator or diesel generator types. Our gasoline motors are further divided into 2-13HP horizontal shaft engines and 4-10HP vertical shaft engines, and the diesel engines come with 5 different models for you to choose from. According to the engine type, our water pumps are classified into two main categories, gasoline water pump and diesel water pump.

We products are produced strictly conforming to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system standard. We conduct quality inspections of raw materials, key components, and finished products, thus ensuring only qualified products are delivered to clients. Through the continuous efforts of our dedicated staff, our approximately 40 models of gasoline engines are all CE, EMC, EPA, and CARB certified, and our gasoline engines now conform to the Euro II emission standard and EPA II requirement.

Research and Development, and Honors
We has a fully equipped Technical Center which was named a Provincial Technology Center, and a Nationally Accredited Research and Development Center in 2009. We also have a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory and are leading in China's CAD Drawing area. Additionally, we have a research team composed of hundreds of researchers and engineers who optimize our engine and generator designs through the use of internationally popular software like PRO-E, UG, Cimatron, CAE, etc. As a result of these efforts, we now hold more than 50 patents and are able to develop more than 10 new products every year.

International Markets
With 15 years of experience behind us, we are able to consistently provide superior quality, low priced air cooled engine and portable generator set, etc. for our worldwide customers. We now have clients in 30 countries from Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and America, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, Nigeria and Peru, etc.
We have also recently established cooperative relationships with international companies to enable us to improve our products through shared information and resources. Some of these are Japan's FUJI Heavy Industries, Italy's VICTA, and America's TTI, among others.
So, if you have any air cooled engine need, or portable generator requirement, you can feel secure in purchasing our products.

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